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  • pouches of colored sand arrayed in a circle
  • image of pink sand
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Ritual Sand

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Do you prefer cone incense or coals to sticks? Need something to fill your thurible? We've got you covered! Also perfect for use in smudging rituals.

Metaphysical Properties:
Black: Protection, Repel, Banish
White: Cleansing, Healing, Divination
Blue: Peace, Wisdom, Maternal, Fertility, Water
Light Blue: Fertility, Emotional Healing, Truth-Seeking
Green: Growth, Health, Abundance, Luck, Earth
Orange: Play, Energy, Joy, Quick Action, Creativity
Pink: Love, Self-Love, Relationships, Friendships
Purple: Astral Travel, Meditation, Psychic
Red: Courage, Vigor, Sex, Power, Fire
Yellow: Persuasion, Ideas, Intellect, Air
Silver: Goddess, Moon
Gold: God, Sun