LumiFox® is a woman-owned, minority-based metaphysical shop committed to guiding others in empowering their magick by providing candles, crystals, herbs, tools, and divination supplies.

Our founder and bruja, Vanessa, was raised in Miami, FL where a rich community of practitioners from all sorts of different paths surrounded her. She grew up visiting botanicas and practicing various ways to manifest her intentions. Vanessa was raised by her mother who is also a practicing solitary bruja.

Every item we sell has been curated to ensure they bring you nothing but good vibes and help manifest your intention. Our crystals have been personally cleansed and charged under a full moon by Vanessa. All sales will have a portion donated to your choice of various social justice & reform organizations listed in the "Causes We Support" tab of our website.

"It is my hope that you find something here that speaks to you. Remember that no matter your background or where you're at on your path, magick resides in you. You just need to find it and release it." - Vanessa

With many blessings,