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Pure Cascarilla (2pk)

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weight: estimated 30g

Cascarilla is finely crushed egg shells in a white chalk-like powder form. It is a well-known and trusted ingredient for protection among Latin American, Caribbean, and African practices and its roots can be found from West Africa. Over time the Caribbean natives replaced the original Cascarilla (powder form of an outer bark from a tropical shrub) to the crushed egg powder we use today due to its availability, ease, and symbolism of the egg shell protecting life. 

USES: Cascarilla is used to banish negative energy and create a natural barrier between worlds. Hardened form: it can become like chalk and used to draw on doors, walls, items for protection. Powdered form: it can be sprinkled anywhere protection is needed. It can be added to floor washes, baths, or used to dust yourself.