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  • box labeled "chakra insight oracle, by caryn sangster." image depicts a silhouette of a person meditating with images of the seven chakras overlaid on their body.
  • card labeled "Action." Image depicts a woman in a red skirt, red top exposing her midriff, and red arm wraps. She appears to be dancing
  • card labeled "desires." image depicts a nude woman lying on her back, reaching toward the viewer.
  • card labeled "solar plexus chakra." image depicts a symbol resembling a sunflower with a downward pointed triangle at its center.
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Chakra Insight Oracle

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A 49-Card Deck and Guidebook

Chakra Insight Oracle is a powerful tool for connecting to and understanding the subtleties of the energetic body through the age-old system of the chakras.

The deck features 49 cards in total, seven cards for each of the seven major chakras – Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown – with each card dealing with an aspect of that particular chakra.

The 148-page guidebook offers a wealth of information on different ways to use the cards both on a daily basis and for longer, more intensive transformational journeys. It is an invaluable resource for interpreting each card and addressing the underlying issues and potential ‘energy blocks’ within the chakras which ultimately helps promote self-healing and profound personal transformation.